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4 Beginner Vape Tricks

So you’ve been using your vape for some time. It’s time to upgrade your skills and learn some cool vaping tricks. The vapour coming out of a vape is always fun to look at. In this post, we teach you some easy vape tricks you can pick up and begin to impress your friends.

Ghost Inhale

The ghost inhale is easy to do even on your first try, making it a perfect beginner vape trick to learn. It’s essentially a vapour ball that’s could be followed by an act of sipping it back in.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Take a long drag and let it linger in the oral cavity for a few moments. Then, let the vapour come out in the shape of a ball.
  • To do that, just open your mouth, stick it out in an O-shape and immediately close it.
  • Do not force the vapour. Hold your breath for a moment. That’s it!

The Waterfall

The waterfall is a fantastic vaping trick that essentially turns vape into a heavy, watery substance flowing out from a bottle. It’s very easy to master.

Here’s how to do it:

  • The first step is to freeze a water bottle with just a quarter of it filled.
  • Take it out once the bottle is frozen, and you are ready to do the trick.
  • Take a drag on your vape, blow the vapour into the bottle and slowly pour it out.

O Shaped Smoke Rings

This trick is all about exhaling vapour in the form of the letter O.

  • Take a deep, long drag and keep the vapour in your throat.
  • At the same time, ensure your tongue is at the bottom of the mouth and towards the back of the throat.
  • Now, make an O shape with your lip, which isn’t very hard.
  • Once the O shape is done, make quick, pulsing movements from your throat, and release the vapour in the shape of the letter O.

The Dragon

This is a fantastic vaping trick to impress your friends with. It’s a bit dramatic effect as it can make you look like a savage dragon. The vapour comes out of the nose and corners of your mouth.

  • Begin by taking a drag from your vape.
  • Now, use force to exhale the vapour through the nose and through the corners of the mouth, while keeping the lips closed only in the middle.


There are many more vape tricks to master and we hope to share those in our future blogs. In the meantime, check out our vape store for all your vaping needs. Vape Korner is the UK’s leading online vape store offering a complete range of solutions from vape kits and accessories to coils and juices.