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Getting Started with a Vape Kit

If you are looking for a way to effectively quit smoking, vaping can help you along the way. A good vaping kit and the right e-liquid can provide the same level of satisfaction that you derive from smoking a cigarette. Vaping goes a step further by offering you access to a range of flavours.

However, if you are new to vaping, you may be wondering where to start. If you find the learning curve a bit overwhelming, fret not. In this post, we show you how to start vaping with a vaping kit.

How to Start Vaping?

To begin, we highly recommend that you pick a device from our starter kit section.

These starter kits have been made with beginners in mind. If you have no experience with vaping, these are the perfect devices to begin your journey.

You will also need some vape juice to add to your vaping device. Explore our e-liquids section and take your pick.

Once you have the vape starter kit and e-liquid, you are ready to begin your vaping journey.

Here is a quick breakdown of all the important parts of your vaping starter kit:

  • The battery – Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and capacities, the batter is your vaping device’s power source. This is the most important part of the vape kit.
  • The tank – This is where you store your e-liquid. Tanks are made of either glass, metal or plastic. They vary in shape, size and capacity. The tank can be refilled multiple times, allowing you to use different flavours every time you want to refill.
  • The coil – This is the heating element of your vape. It heats the juice and converts it into vapour for you to inhale. Coils are typically made of metal wire and cotton wick, which are encased in a metal case at the base of the tank. The atomiser coil generally has a life of 1 to 2 weeks. To make the most of your coil, be sure to spend some time maintaining your coil.
  • The liquid – Known as e-liquid or e-juice, this is the liquid that your vape device converts into vapour. E-liquids are primarily made of three essential ingredients: vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and flavouring. Some juices may also contain nicotine.

Benefits of Getting a Vaping Kit

  • Budget-friendly
  • You get everything you need in a single pack
  • The best way to understand the basics of vaping
  • Easy to dose
  • No experience needed

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