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Guide to Vape Coils

The vape coil is the most important part of the vaping device. Not only because your very vaping experience depends on the coil but because it’s a part that must be replaced regularly depending on your usage. Whether you are a seasoned vaper or are new to vaping, it helps to know all you can about the vape coil. Keep reading to improve your knowledge of vape coils.

What is a Vape Coil?

Your vape kit depends on the vape coil to heat up the e-juice and vapourise it. You can adjust the coil resistance based on how many wraps of a wire are available, the type of wire and the gauge. The resistance can be measured using an Ohmmeter.

While coils with low resistance create larger clouds and warmer vapour, those with high resistance deliver a cooler vape with less current. The type of e-liquid you need will depend on the coil element’s resistance.

Although it’s a central part of a vaping device, the coil is a pretty simple system. It’s built from a coiled wire and a wicking material (typically cotton). You can choose from a range of wires and wicking materials based on the kind of vaping experience you want.

Different Types of Vape Coils

  • Ceramic Coil – As ceramic is porous, air passes through the ceramic coil quite well to offer a smooth draw. Many vapers find that a ceramic coil brings out the flavour better than other options. They also tend to last longer.
  • Stainless Steel Coil – 430-grade stainless steel wire is generally acknowledged for its magnetic properties, durability and long life. If you looking for a versatile material to build your coil, stainless steel is your best bet.
  • Kanthal Coil – This is a combination of chromium, iron and aluminium and is a popular option. It boasts a quick ramp-up time and creates a massive amount of vapour.
  • Nichrome Coil – Made of 80% chromium and 20%nickel, this alloy heats up quickly compared to Kanthal and offers a generous amount of cloud and a warm vape.
  • Titanium Coil – Titanium wires are malleable and soft, which makes them easy to twist, handle and cut. Although expensive compared to steel wires, titanium offers a particularly clean and crisp vaping experience.
  • Nickel Coil – Although numerous options are available, Ni200 wire with a 99.6% nickel alloy is ideal. Most temperature control mods use nickel coils owing to its low resistance.

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