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Must Try E-Liquid Flavours

Vaping has gone mainstream and there’s no dearth of options when it comes to vape e-liquids. The market is flooded with so many flavours and brands that finding the best flavour can be tricky.

In your hunt for the best vape e-liquids, you are looking for something that’s full of flavour and something that will give you endless pleasure. In this post, we have rounded up the must try e-liquid flavours.

Custard Vape E-Liquid

This flavour is one of the most popular among the vaping community. Custard vaping juice has everything you can ask for in a dessert falvoured vape liquid. A traditional custard is made of cream, egg yolk, vanilla and sugar. With every puff, you will feel like you are having a bite of custard.


Do you enjoy the cooling, soothing effect of menthol in your cocktails and mocktails? Then the menthol e-liquid is something you should try!

If you are a former smoker, then you will enjoy this flavour even more. It will remind you of the taste of an actual cigarette without the harmful effects of tobacco. You will get the same coolness with subtle minty notes.

For the most flavourful experience, you can combine menthol liquid with other flavours such as fruit- or mint-based flavours for an exciting experience.


If you are someone who hunts for coffee flavour in every dish out there, then this vaping liquid is a fantastic option for you. You get to enjoy the creamy texture and the bitter flavour of coffee whilst satiating your craving for your favourite caffeinated beverage.

A whole range of options are available from vanilla blended coffee e-liquids to the richly flavourful latte e-liquids.


Who doesn’t like candy?! Flavours like cotton candy, caramel and toffee are a favourite among adults. Why? While for many, it’s because of their sweet tooth, for yet others, it’s the nostalgia that these flavours bring.

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