BASEN IMR 18650 40A 3100mah Battery 3.7V High Drain Flat Top


186503100mAh Battery

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Basen IMR 18650 40A 3100mah 3.7V High Drain Flat Top Battery Flat Top

High drain means the battery cells can handle the higher output amperage (current) required in variable voltage / wattage e-cig mods. To put it another way, these batteries discharge their current at a continuous rate without dropping off when the power begins to run down.

Be sure to only use the correct batteries in your device – and ensure it can handle the amps.

Basen IMR 18650 specification:

  • Capacity3100mAh
  • Nominal/working voltage 3.7V
  • Rechargeableunprotectedhigh quality Li-Ion battery (lithium ion)
  • Maximum continous discharge current 32A
  • Maximum pulse current40A
  • Diameter 18.04 mm
  • Length 65.10 mm
  • Operating temperatures:
    – Charge 0~60 degrees
    – Discharge 20~75 degrees
    – Storage 20~45 degrees
  • Low self-discharge
  • Conforms to European CE and RoHS standards
Note: Make sure the batteries are compatiblewith your device. Please use a suitablecharger for the batteries.
Manufacturer can change packing without any notice.
1 pc of battery.


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