Basen INR 20700 battery 30A 3100mah 3.7V Flat top Battery

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207003100mAh Battery

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Basen INR 20700 Battery

Basen INR 20700 Battery has a 3100mAh battery capacity, suitable to power your vape mods. Designed for durability. High Drain Flat top battery.
Basen battery specifications:
Model: 20700 Li-ion battery 3100mAh 30A Li-ion
Size: 69.96mm(H) x 20.01mm(D)
Weight: 65g
Battery Capacity: 3100mAh
Type: 20700
Material: Lithium-ion
Normal Voltage: 3.7V
Voltage: 4.2V
Current: 2A
Charging Method: CC-CV
Charging Time: 3 hours(standard charge)
Maximum Discharge Current: 40A
Continuous Discharge Current: 30A
Chose your option from drop down menu.
Note: Make sure the batteries are compatiblewith your device. Please use a suitablecharger for the batteries.
Simple customary packing which can be changed by manufacturer without any notice.


  1. Do not submerge the battery in the water.
  2. Don’t mix fresh batteries with used batteries.
  3. Do not mix batteries with metal stuff together.
  4. Don’t insert batteries with the (+) and (-) reversed.
  5. Do not disassemble, dispose in fire, heat or short circuit.
  6. Don’t put the battery in a charger or equipment with wrong terminals connected.


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